Episode 2.1: The Golden Age of Submarine Invention

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In this episode, cut into several parts for your convenience, we dive into what is the decisive period for submarine invention. During this period, from 1800 until 1914, inventors were able to learn from each other owing to the much easier proliferation of knowledge. 

No longer did submarine inventors and adventurers have to start from scratch  or rely on incomplete information. And what also helped a bunch: governments the world over started appreciating the uses of submerged attack boats.

From Robert Fulton’s famous ‘Nautilus’ and his time working for Napoleon Bonaparte to Wilhelm Bauer and the German Confederation to Spain, this first part covers 1800 to approximately 1850. 

Part two, up in two weeks, will also focus on submersibles in the American Civil War. Part three, up after that (after a little vacation break), will focus mostly on that major invention that gave submersibles the punch it needed: the torpedo. The end of part three will also see submersibles on the brink of World War One…

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