About this podcast

A History Of Submarines podcast is exactly what the title says it is: a podcast about the history of submarines. Although it’s *A* history, because as any historian worth his or her salt will tell you, there are usually different angles and nuances to any story.

And of course, it sometimes depends on who you read or quote. British naval historians for instance are, shall we say, somewhat critical of German or French antics. French and German writers, for their part, might overdo it in the critique department where the British and their Royal Navy are concerned. So it’s useful to be mindful of who tells what narrative and why.

It’s a narrative podcast, meaning that I, as it’s creator, read through a lot of source material. Fortunately, many books have been written about the subject by impressive naval historians, as wel as a lot of scientific research published about the subject.

The base episodes will lay down the main history narrative about how submarines came to be.

I will also be producing bones episodes focusing on some breathtaking events, crucial battles, patrols and breakthroughs.

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